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Judge, Racing Manager, Veterinary


  1. The judge shall occupy the judge's box for the duration of each race of a meeting. Unless the stewards of a meeting decide otherwise, the judge shall indicate to them the order of finish. The distance, number and time of at least the winning greyhound as well as the order of finish of the other competitors shall be publicly announced.
  2. The result of a race shall be the order in which the noses of the competing greyhounds reach the winning line as decided by the judge following any necessary consultation with the stewards of the meeting.
  3. The winning greyhound shall be the greyhound whose nose in the opinion of the judge first reached the winning line, provided that such a greyhound duly completed the courses.
  4. Every greyhound which has been placed in the starting box shall be deemed to have started provided such starting box has no mechanical defect.
  5. A greyhound shall be deemed to come under starter's orders when it has been placed in the starting box.
  6. If the judge calls for a photo-finish at for any reason a photo-finish print cannot be obtained or is indecipherable, the result of the race shall be decided by the judge and his decision shall be final and the following announcement shall be made over the loudspeakers: "For technical reasons, the result cannot be ascertained by photo-finish print. The judge's decision is .....".
  7. The judge's decision in relation to a race shall be final.
  8. The stewards may declare NO RACE only in the following circumstances:
  1. where there is a mechanical or either defect of the hare equipment or starting box or any outside interference with the race (a greyhound turning back the track does not necessarily constitute interference),
  2. if any of the dogs fights, and as a consequence, all fail to pursue the hare, or
  3. if for any other reason all dogs fail to pursue the hare.

Racing Manager:

  1. The racing manager shall have in his possession, for the information of the stewards of the meeting a list of warned-off persons and shall not allow any greyhound owned, trained or in care of a such person to start for a race or a trial.
  2. The racing manager and the paddock steward shall ensure, that all greyhounds are weighed in.
  3. The racing manager shall not permit any greyhound to compete in a race, unless this a greyhound's racing book is handed over to him, at least at time of weighed in.
  4. The racing manager shall ensure in the case of an unraced greyhound, that such a greyhound cannot participate in an CGRC competition without a registered trial or national race.
  5. It shall be the duty of the racing manager to ensure, that the racing circuit is maintained in a proper an safety way.


Every greyhound that is entered for an international CGRC competition shall be presented pre-race to the veterinary surgeon. If in the opinion of the veterinary a greyhound shall, due to medical reasons, not compete in the race, it is his duty to refuse this greyhound. His decision is final and has to be accepted. A check post race is recommanded but not compulsory.

The fee for the veterinary has to be paid by the promoting track, but any treatment of a greyhound has to be charged to the owner / trainer or the person that takes care of the greyhound.