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International CGRC-Competition, Doping

International CGRC - Competitions:

An international CGRC - Competition is an event, that takes place under these rules, is approved by the CGRC at least 3 month before the meeting, with an invitation for entries published in English at least one month before the meeting and containing entry fee, amount of prize money in the heats, semi- and finales, the way of seeding (owner, inside / middle / outside, strength), time of draw, last day of entry (strictly) and method (telephone, fax, E-Mail), time of heats and finales, distances, number of entries (bitches, dogs, mixed), age limitations, time limitations, time of arrival, name of the meeting, races, etc. All information shall be sent to the secretary general of the CGRC.

Doping / Doping tests:

With regards to the "International Doping Control Rules of the CGRC" any kind of doping, this means substances given to a greyhound affecting its performances in any way, as well as the suppression of season in bitches with products based on testosterone are forbidden.
Wherever an CGRC - Competition takes place, the CGRC can decide to arrange doping tests.