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Starter, Haredriver, Timekeeper, Stewards


Where the startbox is manually operated, the starter shall be opened, when the hare is 10 m in front of it.


  1. The haredriver shall take his orders from and be responsible to the racing manager and no one else other than the stewards of the meeting shall have any contact with him while he is on duty and he shall not leave the control tower during the meeting without the consent of the racing manager.
  2. It shall be the duty of the haredriver to set the hare in motion when directed by the starter. He shall accelerate the hare to racing speed and drive it with regard to the follwing subjects:
  • The hare has to be driven in racing speed before and when passing the traps.
  • The hare has to be driven between 10m - 20m in front of the leading greyhound.
  • The dogs have to be stopped in a proper way to reduce the risk of injuries and avoid unnecessary collisions.


The timekeeper shall time each race and trial and for this purpose shall be provided with a stopwatch or an electronic timing system (e.g. video- or photo-finish).

Stewards of the meeting:

There shall be as many appointed stewards, as necessary for the proper holding of the competition, at least five. The paddock steward is responsible that all greyhounds are at time in the paddock area and controls the equipment of the competing greyhounds. Four stewards are in charge to observe the races. Irregularities against these racing rules have to be announced after the race in questions to the controlling authorities.

Controlling authority:

The judge and the racing manager constitute the controlling authority of a meeting. The decisions of the controlling authority in case of doubt or dispute are definitive and binding.