Slovenský Dostihový Greyhound Zväz
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Fighting, Officials and Veterinary Surgeon


  1. Should a raced greyhound in the opinion of the majority of the stewards present and acting, be deemed to have fought in a race, such greyhound shall be suspended and its racing book impounded and marked
    "suspended for fighting till...........(date)" (in red colour).
  2. Suspensions:
  1. disqualification: no suspension, but no reinstatement unless the greyhound has run two clearance trials**
  2. disqualification: one month* of suspension, plus two clearance trials**
  3. disqualification: three month* of suspension, plus two clearance trials**

* a month its counted with the effective days (i.e. 30 or 31 days)
** It shall be open to the owner / trainer to have the clearance trials at an approved
CGRC track near his residence

  1. The term "fighting" shall refer to the aggressive interference by a greyhound with one or more greyhounds during a race.
  2. Where a greyhound wins or placed in an eliminating heat of a Classic, Feature Event or sweepstake but is subsequently suspended or disqualified, the next greyhound in that particular heat shall go forward to the subsequent round or rounds.

Officials and Veterinary Surgeon:

  1. The following officials shall be appointed for every greyhound race track, namely: Judge, Racing Manager, Veterinary Surgeon, Starter, Haredriver, Timekeeper, Stewards of the meeting.
    The race track management shall be responsible, that all these officials are present at the track during the whole competition and their names shall be published in the racing program. The Judge, Racing Manager as well as the Haredriver shall not be allowed to practise their function during races, where a competing dog is owned by one of them or persons related to them (e.g. wife / husband, children, bother / sister in law, parents etc.)
  2. If an official is, due to personal reasons (accident, illness etc.), not able to join the meeting, the racing manager shall be informed immediately after the official got knowledge of the prevention.
  3. Every complaint against an official shall be made to the controlling authority, clearly stating the reasons of complaint.