Slovenský Dostihový Greyhound Zväz
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Numberjackets and Muzzles, Parade

Numberjacket and muzzle:

A muzzle and a clean coloured, numbered sheet as approved by the CGRC is worn by every greyhound competing in a international CGRC competition. The colours of the numbered sheets shall be as follows:

trap1.gif Red trap4.gif Black
trap2.gif Blue trap5.gif Orange
trap3.gif White trap6.gif White & Black Stripes

All muzzles approved by the English, American and Australien authorities and the CGRC are admitted. If an organiser of an international CGRC competition does not accept all muzzles or jackets mentioned under this paragraph, it has to be clearly stated on the inscription form and the organiser have to make sure, that the material demanded for is at disposal ot the competing greyhounds at the track.
For reasons of security of the greyhounds it is not allowed to modify muzzles in a way that the modification impairs the stability of the muzzle.


The starter shall walk in front of the dogs. The dogs and the handlers shall walk in a line with a distance between the dogs as decided by the starter. They shall parade in front of the public. After the parade the handlers shall walk the dogs to a specific area. The handler shall be able to control the dogs.