Slovenský Dostihový Greyhound Zväz
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The Track


  1. A greyhound race track is an oval sand track with either an inside or an outside artificial hare.
  2. The start boxes may either be stationary or movable and have either 6 or 8 compartments.
  3. There shall be facilities for veterinary surgeon, judge, starter, racing manager, stewards, haredriver, timekeeper an dother officials needed.
  4. Race tracks with betting shall have approved facilities for the tote and the staff.
  5. For international CGRC competitions a track shall be approved by the CGRC chairman of the racing committee himself in co-operation with the nationally named racing stewards or only by two named racing stewards from the national organisation. In every case, the CGRC -questionnaire has to be completed and sent to the chairman of the racing committee of the CGRC. An approval is valid for two years, if no changes are made at the track. Any alteration during the mentioned period have to be announced to the chairman of the racing committee. The costs of approval are fixed by the annual meeting of the CGRC and have to be paid by the national organisation of the country.
  6. Any distance between 250m and 450m is a sprint distance (short distance).
    Any distance between 451m and 550m is a middle distance (classic).
    Any distance between 551m and 750m is a stayer distance (long distance).
    Any distance between 751m and 1000m is a marathon distance. The 1000m is the maximum distance of any race. Only dogs of more than 24 months and with long distance form shall be allowed to start in a marathon.