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Qualification of greyhounds for racing

Purpose of these rules:

The purpose of these rules is the regulation of CGRC competitions within the member countries of the CGRC and it is agreed to create an international standard on the Continent. They are binding all members of the CGRC.

Age and qualifications of greyhounds for racing:

  1. A Greyhound under the age of fifteen (15) calendar months shall not be eligible to compete in a race.
    A greyhound under the age of eighteen (18) months shall not compete in longdistance races.
    A greyhound under the age of twentyfor (24) months shall not compete in marathon races.
    A greyhound between 5 and 7 years of age is a "veteran". Races for veterans cannto be carried out on long or marathon distances.
    • The age of a greyhound shall be reckoned as beginning on the first day of the month in which it was whelped.
    • A greyhound shall be considered a puppy for a period of 24 months from and including the month of whelping.
    • A greyhound shall be considered a veteran between 5 and 7 years from and including the month of whelping.
    • A greyhounds age cannot change during a competition that takes place over several days. Decisive is the age at the first racing day .
  2. A greyhound shall not be entered for or compete in a race until:
  1. it has been registered in a recognised Stud book of the World Greyhound Racing Federation, the Continental European Stud book, or in the Stud book of a European Kennel Club.
  2. its identity card / racing book has been completed and sealed by a racing manager or an official of the national organisation in the owners home country. (To participate in an CGRC competition outside of his country, it also needs a seal from CGRC).
  3. in any case in which it is by these rules or by conditions of a race or sweepstake declared disqualified. (If a disqualified greyhound will be entered or run in any race or sweepstake, the control steward shall report the person or persons responsible to the Control Committee).
  4. it has been vaccinated according to veterinary regulations of the country, where the competition takes place.
  1. To identify a greyhound it shall either be tatooed or have a michrochip implanted.
  2. The ID-card / racing book shall be issued by the national organisation of the owners home country and shall follow the greyhound all the time.
  3. Only the racing manager or his substitute (the racing secretary) can fill in the results in the racing book.
  4. Only greyhounds with a valid racing licence from the owners country issued by the national organisation, which is a member of the CGRC, are allowed to compete in international CGRC competitions.